Thursday, March 6, 2014


We all are named differently.People often associate name with your identity.Your name is what makes you distinct from others.But what about a name in which just 2 letters are yours and rest belongs to opposite gender in entirety.Yes! the name I am referring to is
I wonder why there is a "MAN" in woman.Anyway,I still thank almighty for the 'wo' word in 'women' precedes man there was an unexpurgated and unforseeable possibilty of word being

People say that world is changing.Women are coming at par with men.But I ask you to revise your thoughts
I ,being a she-sex often feel sly for people knowingly or unknowingly superimposing men above women.
I ponder upon thoughts of one of my professor when she says
        "Whatever is going on in society and people have already well-adjusted to those social norms ,it becomes very difficult to change them.Infact,years and years!!"
She is exactly right in saying that.The topic of woman is something least talked about!.for what I feel,mostly women talk about women empowerment and when you discuss the same with men  ,they will soon deviate the topic.
The question is not of physical strength,the question is of being a human.Human to human equality is what we demand.When will the renaissance for women occur ?
           "   She is what they call me
             He is what defines she
             Female is what they call me
             Male is what defines a
              I am women
               Subservient to men?"
It's not just about subject - matter?
It's about a renaissance where a complete change in thought-process is required.

Friday, February 28, 2014

In love!

Enthusiasm is what keeps life going.If you have people around you who loves celebrating life then you are blessed enough.
I thank each  one of you ..
Gangs of Varanasi and Ofcourse Exceptionals for making my birthday a memorable day

The day started with six girls on other side of phone but ..but..but silence was all that I could hear.May be ,the psychology effect is what keeps us mum, removing the so called trait of *girls- a chatter machine* . Anyway,I am thankful to each one of you for wishing me exactly at 12: D.Following are the numbers of thanks

1)I thank Ti for wonderful blog post :D
2) I thank aartee,Charul,Vani,Mariya,Bijjo,Tamasree di and Shreya for gifts.
So many giftss:D
3) I thank everyone who wished me 4) I thank maa,pa,bhai,behen and bhabhi,Nehu,Shubhi and Kavi di
And finally a big Thanks to ZIKRA for kalakaari ..this was something out of this world

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


There is scar on her face..
It  is never gonna be healed...
It is a magic..
There is a scar in her heart..
It is never gonna be healed..
It is a magic
There is a scar on her toe..
It is never gonna be healed.
It is a magic..

Run faster..faster then ever...
Shout louder ..louder then ever.
She won't listen...
Scars are pains a lot.

.....2014  it is.....scars are developing..will they heal?
Or time is a magic so strong that it will neutralise the bruises!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Being 20  is good hope with  a new stage..
"Stage" because  number with teen written behind them would never appear in my age.

..from the DAY we realize that our mind, body and hormones will  put us into a situation  where a  human... but only with few  changes here and there .. will so strongly captivate and bewitch  us that normal desires and aims which were so easy to be engrossed till now..would suddenly look like a bubble..

LOVE, ATTRACTION and BOYS are few topics from which I usually abstain ..may be because of my upbringing..and may be because.  at times I was busy with studies, other time with few drastic problems of life  ..that even the boys who mattered and allured me were the ones I have least cared about ..

But  as I have grown up ...Now what?

well sorry to inform ..I am down in dumps..
LOVE still.. is a CHIMERA for me..

CHIMERA.... because I have seen the general  proceedings..which normally occurs when two opposite sexes are mousetrapped..and  later they both agree that...yes we are spellbind..
I would not name it love..because love(though not experienced)..carries a great meaning,,
And attainment of the things I attach with the meaning of love..will always be a CHIMERA...


when two minds connect with each other so strongly that when one leaves other stops working..

when two souls connect with each other so strongly that when one wonders ,other comes to accompany..

when two hearts connect  with each other so strongly that when one stops ,other comes to pump it

But these definitions (by me ofcourse!!)  are CHIMERA..

I have seen ..even the beautiful souls in unnerving situations..when one mind connected..when one wondered..when one heart connected but the other one was busy checking and fooling around..
leading the first one to confirm that love does not exist..

Therefore 2O certainly will force me to find the mind,soul and heart ..I desire for
But to find one in the world of today is nothing more then a CHIMERA for a girl like me.........

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


To grow up is the biggest issue ever.with..heart of  *small,puerile child* .who wants to grow up? one...!!..
LOOKING at our previous activities ,though a thought persist that ..yeah!I hve grown up a bit..i act like a thoda thoda matured child now,butttt those biggy big people with  so called practical thinking and practical mindset will always make u realize 'my child!you are still a child".its high time now ..start acting like a big,Indian.girl.all dressed up in  a good way..carrying a smile of queen Elizabeth ...arey ghanta!..what if we never want to grow up!no one is ever gonna understand that.
arey chalo chuck the parents.Parents ought to tell that,its there duty..I mean at some point of time we sandwitched children or youth of 21st century very efficiently and tactfully imbibe the so called technique of  avoidance and ignoring the things they say..but what about those not girls.mem sahabs...or say sophisticated  *AUNTIES* ,all dressed up in good attire speaking  slowly.,,aghhh! nd teaching you too to blab in the same manner...
and there is one more problem..if a girl blab..and shouts like a boy..she is just told one thing*beta shaadi nahi karega koi aapse*....again ...ghanta!....
just by looking   matured..acting switches from teen to  adults..who actually are mean..
I mean what about  growing your brain...I mean half of the so called *mem sahabs* I have  seen are brainlessss!...but  *brain* part something which is ignored most of the time ..when we talk about girls ..because as  far as what I have observed is that everyone favours or likes a lame  and beautiful girl.
but all I want to say and tell them is blahhhhhh!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

young girls...after manstruation!

well,i wanted to write dis ...after that  callous  "rape incident"...but as I am not having any p.c right I had to wait..
....we are is not so easy for us..specially when you are ambitious. hurts me a lot when most of the jokes are made..on a girl's body...!
I am a very complicated girl..and when you are complicated,,,things are tougher...

I  remember..first time i had manstruation...i was in shock ..psychologically "disturbed"...not because it happened  ....but because ,,,someone told me ..its going to happen...every  month..I was disturbed.. would stop me to compete with boys who would not face that "disaster" every month...I will have to worry about this "shit"  ..every month...I  was perturbed and petrified at the same time...I felt like not talking to anyone...felt like its the end of world for me...I could not play..and jump around like before..
but 3 or 4 years..I or "any girl" get used  to it.but wait thats not the end...what was more diasastrous was to hide that  so.. called "taboo".."anathema" in India...from boys...not letting them know anything... I mean what the helll!!...

It was at the starting but..more things were to follow...I have keep myself "safe" and "away" frm those "staring" animals..wondering on roads....because you know whats the biggest "ASSet" for a girl...."TO SAVE HER VIRGINITY"....
 things are too much difficult for us....because..even if we want todo  something big or something beyond ..our parents are afraid..because...they and even I don't know what going on whose mind...who is who...its like we r so called "shikar"...ready to be eaten at any time...but tell you one more thing..we  girls can differentiate ..even "a touch"...WHO IS THINKING  what..

......its like" living in world where every other eyes says something...but ..what is that "saying" too hard to understand...its like trusting that guy ..but wait..thinking at other he can be bad for is complicated for us..the gender opposite to us has become like a a an enemy...!!

but WE  the girls .still don"t be a to be a god..because we..the women..will flourish the world....

the only reason to write this..just understnand the complexity of a girl's them ..ADORE them..

Monday, July 16, 2012


 today  ……I made tea and realized that something was missing  and it was     SUGAR......
now it tastes better. I want others to have a cup of tea made by me because it will energize them with new hopes and aspirations...........

we are humans ,our mood swings thirty times a single minute(esp. mine).so what are we gonna do about it.nothing really.It is that single quality of ours that make our life nothing less than a tv serial but the only difference is that this  serial is going on in our minds with a new episode every single second and no one else can see it.But that's fun !worth enjoying. I enjoy it.....
it is a sugar of my life.

life is boring when there is no drama in it. Drama for love,family,future ,friends and facebook.if you have everything (gf/bf,family support,good future and friends........yeah lot of facebook friend too) than I am not jealous of you..damn! you are missing something.Yes!he TRP of the tv serial in your mind is very less perhaps.... .NO MOOD SWINGS at all .


why don't you just try and have a break up with your gf/bf,backstab your friend,make false promises to your family.forget about your future . Sleep tranquilly   for a day and wake up other morning.The serial is        on air.....yes  in your mind .the drama is on.......!!  sugar has been added to your life now.What a crazy life would it be for you now!.Hatred,feeling to confess for your mistakes and then fervor for doing something in your future will run through your mind, body and soul!!.  It will be will love and hate this feeling at the same time....

but do you know what is the best part of this tv flick in your mind....its   the conclusion.

yes the conclusion.....the day when you will get everything you have lost..yes the day when you look back and realized that you never had a hope to get over this atrocious  situations.. and the day now ...when everything is there in your are walking in air......
thts the SUGAR of our life...we the humans....enjoy it...get gratified with it.....