Thursday, March 6, 2014


We all are named differently.People often associate name with your identity.Your name is what makes you distinct from others.But what about a name in which just 2 letters are yours and rest belongs to opposite gender in entirety.Yes! the name I am referring to is
I wonder why there is a "MAN" in woman.Anyway,I still thank almighty for the 'wo' word in 'women' precedes man there was an unexpurgated and unforseeable possibilty of word being

People say that world is changing.Women are coming at par with men.But I ask you to revise your thoughts
I ,being a she-sex often feel sly for people knowingly or unknowingly superimposing men above women.
I ponder upon thoughts of one of my professor when she says
        "Whatever is going on in society and people have already well-adjusted to those social norms ,it becomes very difficult to change them.Infact,years and years!!"
She is exactly right in saying that.The topic of woman is something least talked about!.for what I feel,mostly women talk about women empowerment and when you discuss the same with men  ,they will soon deviate the topic.
The question is not of physical strength,the question is of being a human.Human to human equality is what we demand.When will the renaissance for women occur ?
           "   She is what they call me
             He is what defines she
             Female is what they call me
             Male is what defines a
              I am women
               Subservient to men?"
It's not just about subject - matter?
It's about a renaissance where a complete change in thought-process is required.


  1. You are right in your stand. And your thoughts are truly appreciated. But, for some cases I feel that it isn't just women talking bout women empowerment. Men do that too. I've know men who respect and love every women in their life...mother, sister, beau..each one. And at the same time, I've known some from she-sex who not always hold high thoughts about their own gender. And that's strangely hurting!

    And now, I am sorry for what all I wrote up there. I probably am not in the best of my senses :P

    Nice post, but! (Y)

  2. I agree with Srishti. Many a times woman is woman's worst enemy.

    Also, there is a very thin line between feminism and sexism against men/

    Sample these statements:-

    1) Auraton se iss tarah baat karte hain?
    2) Tum kuch bolte kyu nahi? Choodi pehen ke ghar pe baitho
    3) Utho...lady ko baithne do.

    Don't get me wrong here, but equality should be in terms of equal opportunity.

    Having said that, yes, there is still a dearth of equal opportunities for women in our country.


    Happy Womens Day

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